A Little Snippet

When I go to our computer and do a search based on video files, it appears I have about 700 clips of my children. None of them are very long, some of them are two second video-selfies that the boys have taken of the tops of their own heads, but...Read More

Four Years in Photographs

This is the photo montage video that was played during Nicholas' funeral service on 6 May. You may recognise the first song from the video I made when we celebrated his second birthday. A very big thank you to our beautiful friend Roxanne for putting together the second song, and for...Read More

Celebrating Two

Two years ago on this day, we welcomed another beautiful blonde bundle into our lives. After months of waiting and worrying about this pre-labelled baby, Nicholas arrived and fit seamlessly into our family. Never in a million years could I imagine just how much more joy and love and delight...Read More

Eleven Months

This Littlest Love of ours has just hit the eleven month mark. I am often asked about Nicholas’ development, how well he’s meeting ‘normal’ milestones, how he fits into the spectrum of Down syndrome and what ‘level’ he’s at.  They are well intentioned questions, I know, but in all honesty,...Read More