51/52 {christmas love}

Amidst the busyness and shopping and food preparation and family dynamics, there is a certain magic about Christmas time. When all the presents are wrapped and labelled and under the tree, I can't help but think about all the Christmases of my childhood and get a little buzz anticipating how...Read More

50/52 {beach holiday}

There is something special about going on holiday before Christmas. The rest of the world isn't quite ready to slow down by mid-December, so it can be difficult to extricate ourselves from all the work and busy-ness and it feels like a lot of effort to get ready for holidays, as well as...Read More

The Grand Finale

Just over a month ago, I was entrusted with the most beautiful gifts - precious gems in the shape of stories from around the Down syndrome community. Thank you Leticia, Jocelyn, Belinda, Kylie, Joelle, Peggy, Elisa, Lucy, Karlea, Ben, Sharnie, Rebecca, Lisa, Kerry, Diane and Kat for entrusting me with...Read More

Two and a half.

Oh, Nicholas, you have my heart. At just over two and a half, you continue to light up our world. We occasionally fight over you. I look forward to your cuddles in the morning, but your big brothers ask if they can go into your room at the first sound you...Read More

38/52 {spring has sprung}

When 1 September rolled around, a warm day marked the change of seasons and the beginning of Spring. And then it went back to being chilly. Now that we're half way through September, it appears that Spring has now well and truly sprung and we are enjoying the warm sunshine,...Read More

36/52 {happy father's day}

When I think of my Dad, the first words that come to mind are steadfast, genuine, solid.Growing up, I don't remember my Dad being particularly playful. He was more inclined to teach me important things about the world, like how to calculate how soon we'd arrive in the next town based...Read More

35/52 {grateful}

Grateful for tough conversations that break you open and make you better and stronger and more free. Grateful for being able to celebrate a baby sister on the precipice of 30 and motherhood, and all that she brings to my life. Grateful for some rare space with my husband. Grateful for the...Read More

Returning to our Sanctuary

There’s something lovely about returning to a holiday destination. Feeling the anticipation rise as the weekend at ‘the farm’ approaches, hearing us exhale as we descend the driveway towards our cabin, knowing how quickly we’ll start thinking we never want to leave. Being able to reminisce about previous visits while...Read More

33/52 {finding my happy place}

Sam had a short hospital stint this week. After experiencing fevers of over 38.5 on Monday morning, it’s protocol for us to take him straight up to Emergency in case there’s a nasty infection lurking. He was admitted later that day and stayed in for two nights, but thankfully he...Read More


With a few winter sniffles this week, we have laid low, stayed warm and enjoyed some quiet days at home, rediscovering forgotten toys. Watching Nicholas play alongside his brother and delight in the assembled train set, just like any two year old boy might, made my heart sing. 'Normal' moments like...Read More

Contemplating 36

So, today I turned 36. There, it’s out there on the interwebs. I’m never going to be able to deny my age again. My beloved husband has taken great delight in teasing me about my approach of the big-4-0 milestone for a few years now, and now I’ve officially moved into...Read More

21 Days Ago

21 days ago, my heart shattered into a gazillion pieces. 21 days ago, we heard the words no parent wants to hear. “He has Leukaemia. I’m sorry.” Our five year old son has Leukaemia. Sam has Leukaemia. I wonder whether I’ll ever get used to those words. In so far...Read More

Spirit of Motherhood

As the clock ticked over to Mothers Day 2013, I was sitting in the Emergency Department of the Royal Childrens’ Hospital while my middle son was treated for croup. We are well familiar with croup in our house, as Charlie had his first episode when he was only four months...Read More


Almost one year ago, in October, we made the decision to undergo an amniocentesis to confirm whether or not the baby I was carrying had Down syndrome. In the week we received the diagnosis, there were festivities going on around the world celebrating Down syndrome awareness, and Nicholas ended up...Read More


Lately, I have been feeling anything but grateful. I have been questioning why we are 'the chosen ones', what makes us qualified to raise our baby with Down syndrome. I have been scanning crowds when we're at the park or public swimming pool, looking for another family who may have...Read More