50/52 {easing into holidays}

Every time the boys started squabbling with each other or drove us a little too crazy on the first weekend of school holidays, Ben and I would look at each other cross-eyed and say "eight weeks..!" (And, then, I'm pretty sure Ben would high-five himself on the fact that he...Read More

Dreams coming true: the day we met Justice Crew

I have to admit, I choked up a little as we walked through that door to meet ‘the boys’ (as we’d all been affectionately calling them) for the first time. Almost 12 months in the making and here we were, seeing a little dream come true. But it was more...Read More

Small things with great love in September

If you're anything like me, you really don't want to know anything about Childhood Cancer. You don't want to know that your child's sore knee is going to turn into a Cancer diagnosis, and you definitely don't want your child to become one of the three children per week who lose their...Read More

24/52 {seven}

Someone we know turned seven today. Despite driving us crazy on occasion, he is all kinds of wonderful and, especially on birthdays, I am reminded how grateful we are to have Sam in our lives. The big seventh birthday didn't quite go according to plan. Ben's 99 year old Grandmother passed away over the...Read More

23/52 {long weekends}

This long weekend seemed to appear out of nowhere and we have welcomed it with open arms, filling it with bits and pieces of unplanned loveliness. Watering the herbs and having backyard lunchtime picnics. Wandering to the creek, indulging in a sneaky macaron on the way, and throwing rocks in...Read More

52/52 {a project's end}

Today, I picked up the Nikon again for the first time in weeks. It felt good. Comfortable and familiar. I like taking photographs when it feels good, when I feel relaxed and the moment seems right. It's funny how across the festive season, when it would seem important to capture...Read More

51/52 {christmas love}

Amidst the busyness and shopping and food preparation and family dynamics, there is a certain magic about Christmas time. When all the presents are wrapped and labelled and under the tree, I can't help but think about all the Christmases of my childhood and get a little buzz anticipating how...Read More

50/52 {beach holiday}

There is something special about going on holiday before Christmas. The rest of the world isn't quite ready to slow down by mid-December, so it can be difficult to extricate ourselves from all the work and busy-ness and it feels like a lot of effort to get ready for holidays, as well as...Read More


nicholas: You have such a beautiful sense of humour and a smile or a giggle is rarely far from your face. I love how you laugh along with the big boys, always getting in on the (usually toilet-related) jokes. I think you're going to love having those big brothers at home...Read More


 sam: You have perfected the art of cheeky at the moment. I think my biggest boy might be overdue for a summer holiday. charlie: Emotionally wounded by your Chief Antagoniser brother, as well as wet and cold, you retreated to the arms of your mumma to be dressed and cuddled. ...Read More

47/52 {countdown}

After a crazy week, it was lovely to escape to Stradbroke Island for a child-free weekend with five (out of six) of my siblings to celebrate my eldest brother's 50th birthday. With almost 20 children between all seven of us, I'm sure you can imagine that we rarely have an uninterrupted...Read More

46/52 {nearly home}

Ben arrives home tomorrow after being away for 10 days. As we cruise into the finish line, I am exhausted but I feel like we've done okay, the little Loves and I. Quick tally on some vital stats over the past week-or-so of single-parenting: Number of times Charlie has been...Read More

45/52 {flying solo}

Daddalove is away overseas for the next week, so I am practising my skills of focusing only on what's important and asking for help when required. I am thankful for the beautiful village around us, happy to step up and lend support when we need it. I know many parents often fly solo, and...Read More


nicholas: My poor little poppet, you really haven't been well the past few days and it's very rare to see you sick. In true Nicholas style, though, you will still give someone a smile or a wave, even if you're not feeling your best. You have been unsettled in your...Read More


charlie: You have a new-found love of swimming lessons, which makes me very happy as we no longer seem to have to fight each week to get you into the pool. You are so inspired, it turns out, that you even loving swimming in the bath at the moment, complete with goggles....Read More

42/52 {inspired}

As much as I love being at home with my children, escaping on occasion is also quite good for the soul. This week (with the help of a lovely friend and my mum to juggle my children), I was privileged to attend The Future of Leadership conference and came away...Read More


charlie: I wonder how many photographs over the 52 weeks we'll see you in your pyjamas. Getting dressed, especially over the weekend, is highly overrated (I wholeheartedly agree). I have been seeing so many glimpses of my Charlie bear turning into a big boy. You were a champion at swimming lessons...Read More


[caption id="attachment_3510" align="aligncenter" width="584"] Slightly blurry kissing shot courtesy of Sam. Proof that we were allowed on our new daybed, albeit briefly, before being pushed off by children.[/caption] Slightly terrifying seeing that number 40 in the title this week. Only 12 weeks left until the end of the year. We're...Read More