Moving Forward in 2018

2017 felt like a pretty big year, in hindsight. It started with an epic 800km bike ride in Thailand, and time in Singapore with the boys, staying with my sister and her family. On the school front, Charlie started Year 1 and Sam went into Year 3. Sam had his...Read More

One Little Word for 2017

It wasn’t until about September last year that I remembered (actually, I had to look it up) what my one little word for 2016 was. Expand. It certainly wasn’t in the way that I envisaged (is it ever in the way we imagine?), but expand I did. I broke into a...Read More

Living with Intention in 2016

I am all for living with intention, but life gets so busy and all of a sudden we’re in February, swinging back into routines, never getting a moment to sit down and often frantically behind in the to-do lists. Somehow, stopping to work out exactly what those intentions might be...Read More