38/52 {my growing boy}

Nicholas: It struck me that I needed to capture this fleeting moment of my baby boy having a daytime sleep, as my baby boy is certainly growing up. The daytime sleeps have been few and far between lately, the bed rail has come off the side of the bed, and the change...Read More

36/52 {celebrating the fathers)

Today, in Australia, we are celebrating the Dads. I am lucky enough to know many of exceptional fathers, including my beloved husband and wonderful Dad, two generous and caring fathers-in-law, not to mention my brothers and brothers-in-law. My three boys are lucky to have such wonderful role models and we are truly thankful...Read More

35/52 {important cousin business}

The past few weeks have rendered me a bit frazzled. Between book week and sports days, lingering illness, excursions, a fleeting trip to Sydney, general to-ing and fro-ing and never feeling like I ever get anything ticked off the to-do list, it's been a little mad around here. But I...Read More

34/52 {lessons on slowing down}

Sometimes the Universe gives us subtle reminders to slow down. "Hey, here's a sniffle and  a sore throat. You should make a honey and lemon drink and have a rest for while. Go and put your feet up for five minutes." And sometimes the Universe builds a rather sturdy brick...Read More

31/52 {noticing differences}

"Mum," Charlie started, "when Nicholas has his next birthday and turns four, he'll be talking like me." Statements like these always catch me a little off guard. Because it means that they've noticed differences between themselves and the little brother they adore. Because one day we won't be in our...Read More

30/52 {the house of chaos}

Our 'renovators delight' Queenslander home has been the recipient of some love lately. After being in our house for six years and doing a few minor improvements here and there, we recently underwent some more significant renovations, in what we're calling 'phase one' - knocking down a wall between the...Read More

29/52 {cousin love and cardboard creations}

nicholas: Oh how you love her, your other 'blondie'. Of course, you love all your cousins in different ways, but you'll excitedly pick her face out from a big family photo to show me and your face lights up whenever she walks in the door. The kids were so filthy after drawing with chalk on the trampoline, but...Read More

28/52 {more than meets the eye}

As the primary carers, we see so many aspects of our children's personalities - sometimes all in a matter of minutes. There are highs and lows, extroverted and introverted moments. We see them at their best and at their worst. During the week, the song "Hold My Hand" came on...Read More

27/52 {winter holidays with Gram}

Being at the beach in winter reminds me of my Grandma, who we affectionately called 'Gram.' My Dad's mother came to stay with our family when her husband died and, at the time, my parents had four children under seven years old. It was a short term arrangement until Gram was ready to...Read More

26/52 {a little hi}

I'm just stopping by for a little hi. Turns out that sea breezes, boys who like to stay up late on holidays, and lack of internet access all make for tricky blogging ;) More in store for you this week, though, I promise x nicholas: So much joy, especially when being...Read More

25/52 {bittersweet}

As a busy week approaches, it's easy to focus on the hustle and chaos and feel overwhelmed before it even begins. But there is so much good ahead. And sometimes we need to experience the craziness to appreciate the serenity, we need to fumble around in the darkness to appreciate the light....Read More

23/52 {long weekends}

This long weekend seemed to appear out of nowhere and we have welcomed it with open arms, filling it with bits and pieces of unplanned loveliness. Watering the herbs and having backyard lunchtime picnics. Wandering to the creek, indulging in a sneaky macaron on the way, and throwing rocks in...Read More

22/52 {birthday wishes}

Two birthdays in the house made for a busy end of May. Even when the boys were tiny and not inclined to recognise that their favourite person was celebrating a special day, I was determined not to let my birthday fly completely under the radar and began the tradition of cooking...Read More

21/52 {breathing space}

After spending a busy week solo-parenting while Ben was in Sydney, whilst also fighting off the beginnings of a cold, I was very ready for some breathing space by the time he returned home. A few weeks earlier, an image appeared in my Instagram feed from the gorgeous Emma Kate Co,...Read More


nicholas: We had fun playing with bubbles in the garden and I do love your squeals of delight. Oh kiddo, when you hunch up your shoulders and give that coy smile? Pretty sure it's so cute, it's practically illegal ;) You are such a great little helper, putting away dishes...Read More

19/52 {mother’s day}

So lucky to be the mother of these three beautiful boys, as tough as that job can be sometimes.  So grateful for the love of a beautiful and gracious mother, and a wonderfully supportive mother-in-law, as well as an amazing array of sisters, sisters-in-law and friends to share in this journey of motherhood...Read More

18/52 {offering it up}

[caption id="attachment_83168" align="alignnone" width="584"] Nicholas tries to convince Sam to turn the Wiggles music on on Mum's phone. Complete with shoulder taps and looking Sam straight in the eye on occasion, I think it's fairly clear he's saying, "And hurry up about it."[/caption] This week has involved far more vomit, sleep...Read More