What Therapy Looks Like for Our Child with Down syndrome

One of the hardest things for me about having a child with special needs is probably the incessant buzzing of my brain, the questioning, the figuring out and wondering. All of the buzzing essentially has to do with the one big question: "Am I doing enough?" Am I doing enough...Read More

The Doctor’s Son: a view from the other side {guest post}

I actually remember the day I saw Kylie's photo appear on an online Down syndrome forum and recognised her as someone I went to school with. And got a little excited. While I did know other people who had children with Down syndrome, it was the first time I'd recognised someone from...Read More

A Study of Contrasts: Then & Now {guest post}

Being a parent of a child with Down syndrome is such a journey. I feel so blessed to have come in contact with so many wonderful people in my travels over the past four years, and I am honoured that one of those wonderful women, Etelka, could share part of her journey...Read More

31/52 {noticing differences}

"Mum," Charlie started, "when Nicholas has his next birthday and turns four, he'll be talking like me." Statements like these always catch me a little off guard. Because it means that they've noticed differences between themselves and the little brother they adore. Because one day we won't be in our...Read More

Two and a half.

Oh, Nicholas, you have my heart. At just over two and a half, you continue to light up our world. We occasionally fight over you. I look forward to your cuddles in the morning, but your big brothers ask if they can go into your room at the first sound you...Read More


  charlie: This afternoon, you decided you wanted to make 'Dinosaur Cupcakes', so you cooked up a concoction of water, sugar, avocado, raspberries and tamari to make that happen. It definitely needed to go in the hot oven, and your ingredient list definitely needed to be written down on the notebook...Read More


When we received that little diagnosis almost two years ago, the last word I would have thought I'd use to describe the life we had ahead of us was 'normal'. Isolated, different, special... perhaps. But not normal. And yet that is totally how our life feels. Oh.So.Normal. Perhaps someone may...Read More


Ten years ago, I married my love. The big Love who helped start this whole clan of little Loves. Ten years. Wowzers. Oh, and what a ride it’s been. A few bumps in the road here and there, but mostly good. I think we lead a pretty blessed life and...Read More

Eleven Months

This Littlest Love of ours has just hit the eleven month mark. I am often asked about Nicholas’ development, how well he’s meeting ‘normal’ milestones, how he fits into the spectrum of Down syndrome and what ‘level’ he’s at.  They are well intentioned questions, I know, but in all honesty,...Read More