Eleven Things that Help Keep Our Marriage On Track

I was telling Ben that sometimes in our relationship I marvel at how great it is and can’t imagine it being any other way. We are happy and in love and communicating well and it’s blissful. And then we have times where it feels as though we’re on the brink...Read More

20/52 {Happy anniversary to us}

Look at those youthful looking lovebirds. This weekend, (the slightly more tired and frazzled) Ben and I are celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary. We are very lucky to have many wonderful role models in our lives when it comes to strong and positive relationships. As my parents are in their 52nd year...Read More


Ten years ago, I married my love. The big Love who helped start this whole clan of little Loves. Ten years. Wowzers. Oh, and what a ride it’s been. A few bumps in the road here and there, but mostly good. I think we lead a pretty blessed life and...Read More