50/52 {easing into holidays}

Every time the boys started squabbling with each other or drove us a little too crazy on the first weekend of school holidays, Ben and I would look at each other cross-eyed and say "eight weeks..!" (And, then, I'm pretty sure Ben would high-five himself on the fact that he...Read More

5/52 {last hurrah}

We eagerly anticipated our last-hurrah few days away at the beach before returning to school routines, to indulge in some 'holiday' at the end of a month that had felt anything but relaxing. As the date of departure approached and we were in hospital with Sam, who'd been admitted with...Read More


nicholas: My mini-Maestro, looking so picturesque at your Uncle's piano. True to the stereotype, you do love music (but who doesn't, really?). I heard the voice of my late 'Gram' as I reminded you to play just "one finger at a time." I wonder if you will learn the piano one...Read More