15/52 {loving}

Loving fresh basil on the windowsill, and my new cup from LTCO, a present to myself on leaving Byron Bay and reminder of a beautiful week away with my family. Loving finding selfies of my loves when I download photos off the memory card. Loving having so many wonderful women...Read More

14/52 {happy Easter}

About a year ago, after seeing all the write-ups about the Byron Bay Bluesfest, my beloved Ben told me that going to this music festival had been on his bucket list for a really long time. I responded with a vague, "great, let's go one day", visualising us rocking out in...Read More

13/52 {brotherly love}

The school term is winding to a close, and we've all been a bit worn out this past week. The man flu descended upon our home, which led to days of sniffles, abandoned plans and many cuddles with clingy boys. But sometimes it's nice when the Universe sends us an...Read More

12/52 {hip hip hooray}

Such a busy week of birthdays, and now we have a big five year old and an almost-as-big three year old in our family. To finish off the week, we spent World Down syndrome Day (21 March) with some great friends, sharing a rainy afternoon of live music at the local bowls...Read More

11/52 {it starts with us}

I've just had the pleasure of attending my first ever Down syndrome Education Conference for 2015, run by our state's Down syndrome association, DSAQ. While the conference is largely aimed at teachers who support students with Down syndrome, it is also valuable for parents. The theme of this year's event was "It...Read More

10/52 {unexpected joys}

As soon as I booked the big boys into the 4.30pm and 5pm timeslots for swimming lessons, with few other openings to choose from, I regretted it. I anticipated the late afternoon, the rushed dinner, the overtired children (and mother) with dread and consoled myself with the thought that it...Read More

9/52 {marching on}

March already. How did that happen? It's a birthday month for us, and pretty soon we will have a big five year old and three year old in our midst. I always seem to start thinking of the boys as their new age a few months beforehand though. Do you do...Read More

8/52 {celebrating}

It was so lovely to celebrate my Dad's 80th birthday today with all our tribe, including my three members of "Grandad's Fan Club", with the t-shirts to prove it. Happy birthday to the best Dad a girl could wish for. We love you x charlie: I wonder if you'll remember celebrating...Read More

7/52 {love}

We've never been ones to give Valentine's Day more than a passing nod, but I can't imagine feeling more loved than I do by all four of these boys, on 14 February or any day. And, I'm never more in love with my husband than when I see how much...Read More

6/52 {changing landscape}

Over the past month, the landscape of our family has shifted more noticeably. Our babies are growing up. Nicholas moved from a cot into a 'big boy bed' just after Christmas, and more boxes of baby paraphernalia were packaged up and shared with the newest baby in our tribe. The...Read More