50/52 {easing into holidays}

Every time the boys started squabbling with each other or drove us a little too crazy on the first weekend of school holidays, Ben and I would look at each other cross-eyed and say "eight weeks..!" (And, then, I'm pretty sure Ben would high-five himself on the fact that he...Read More

51/52 {christmas love}

Amidst the busyness and shopping and food preparation and family dynamics, there is a certain magic about Christmas time. When all the presents are wrapped and labelled and under the tree, I can't help but think about all the Christmases of my childhood and get a little buzz anticipating how...Read More

50/52 {beach holiday}

There is something special about going on holiday before Christmas. The rest of the world isn't quite ready to slow down by mid-December, so it can be difficult to extricate ourselves from all the work and busy-ness and it feels like a lot of effort to get ready for holidays, as well as...Read More

Christmas Loves

There is so much in my heart right now, so much I want to say. Instead, in this moment, I will revel in my three babies and accept the love of the village that enfolds us and holds space for us. My house is in chaos, the piles of washing...Read More

Catching Up

Hi. So, it's February, but I do want to say a long-overdue Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Bit late, I know. Sorry. Oh, I have missed you so. Just to recap and get you back in a festive mood, here are a few Christmas shots of the Love boys...Read More


I'm not sure about you, but I always feel a little crazy this time of year. Like I am a walking to-do list, full speed ahead on a freight train rushing towards Christmas, checking off the end-of-year gatherings, presents, parties, work tasks, family commitments and everything in between. This usually...Read More