50/52 {easing into holidays}

Every time the boys started squabbling with each other or drove us a little too crazy on the first weekend of school holidays, Ben and I would look at each other cross-eyed and say "eight weeks..!" (And, then, I'm pretty sure Ben would high-five himself on the fact that he...Read More

48/52 {backyard bliss}

[caption id="attachment_85165" align="aligncenter" width="584"] "Mum, this is my most glamorous smile," he tells me.[/caption] I picked the boys up from school. It had been a hot day, and I was greeted with immediate requests for iceblocks on the way home. The need for iceblocks became more and more urgent with...Read More

47/52 {a few of my favourite things}

I feel a little like a broken record this time of year. Tired, frazzled, exhausted, busy, overcommitted, and repeat. I know the preferable answer is to slow down, but I also know that's unlikely right now. As we are just over a week away from school holidays commencing, the end-of-year celebrations...Read More

46/52 {counting down}

As I write, it's less than 12 hours until Ben comes home after eight days away overseas and I am counting down the minutes until my beloved returns. I will not tell a lie, it's been hard parenting without him. I am the ultimate coper, and great at seeing the best...Read More


nicholas: We were enjoying a morning at home after a busy week and I pulled out our box of 'Little People' and their associated transport options for you to play with. As it was a warm day, we decided to put some water in the crate so the Little People could go for a swim,...Read More

44/52 {out of sorts}

The past week has been filled with much craziness. Not terrible craziness, just crazy in the sense that I'm a bit sleep deprived and feel like my brain is exploding. Ben was away for work interstate for four days, just as painters were arriving on our doorstep to start painting...Read More

43/52 {Sunday brunch}

nicholas: My stylish boy, you are loving your hat at the moment. I love this photo that Daddy took while you were busily stirring my coffee. I daresay it's similar to the way Daddy would look if someone interrupted his morning coffee ;)  charlie: I love both these photos of you, it...Read More

42/52 {overcoming challenges}

nicholas: I watched you survey the slide and think about climbing up the slide to the top. You climbed onto the base of the slide and attempted a few steps, then realised it was actually pretty slippery. But, not to be defeated, you grabbed hold of the sides and started again, carefully...Read More

41/52 {being studious}

nicholas: Drawing and writing are among your favourite activities at the moment. You will ask me if you can "draw?", then you spend ages filling every part of the paper before saying "ta-da!" and showing me your work proudly. During the week, you drew your first face independently, and it was my...Read More

40/52 {tender moments}

nicholas: A few splashes from the biggest brother turned into an all-out family water fight. Charlie didn't mind when he was the one doing the wetting, but wasn't a big fan when he got soaked. But you happily wrapped your arms around your cold, wet, sad Charlie-bear so he would feel better....Read More

39/52 {when it’s hard to feel grateful}

Holidaying for a week in a beautiful beach location, staying in a recently renovated caravan which had been lovingly loaned to us. Sounds idyllic. And thus I felt so ungrateful for not enjoying our first week of school holidays. After a busy few weeks and never-decreasing to-do list, I had envisaged...Read More

38/52 {my growing boy}

Nicholas: It struck me that I needed to capture this fleeting moment of my baby boy having a daytime sleep, as my baby boy is certainly growing up. The daytime sleeps have been few and far between lately, the bed rail has come off the side of the bed, and the change...Read More

37/52 {family fun day}

Just realised I completely missed out week 37 of the 52 Project. Whoops. Probably because I was too busy discussing our encounter with celebrities ;) I'm even going to try something tricky and see if I can backdate this post so that it slots into the right place. Wish me...Read More

36/52 {celebrating the fathers)

Today, in Australia, we are celebrating the Dads. I am lucky enough to know many of exceptional fathers, including my beloved husband and wonderful Dad, two generous and caring fathers-in-law, not to mention my brothers and brothers-in-law. My three boys are lucky to have such wonderful role models and we are truly thankful...Read More

35/52 {important cousin business}

The past few weeks have rendered me a bit frazzled. Between book week and sports days, lingering illness, excursions, a fleeting trip to Sydney, general to-ing and fro-ing and never feeling like I ever get anything ticked off the to-do list, it's been a little mad around here. But I...Read More

34/52 {lessons on slowing down}

Sometimes the Universe gives us subtle reminders to slow down. "Hey, here's a sniffle and  a sore throat. You should make a honey and lemon drink and have a rest for while. Go and put your feet up for five minutes." And sometimes the Universe builds a rather sturdy brick...Read More

32/52 {winter bugs}

There were a few bugs around these parts last week. Daddy and Charlie succumbed to the man flu, but thankfully the rest of us were largely unscathed. It was unusual to see this little bundle of energy under the weather. While he does love to stay in his pyjamas whenever...Read More

31/52 {noticing differences}

"Mum," Charlie started, "when Nicholas has his next birthday and turns four, he'll be talking like me." Statements like these always catch me a little off guard. Because it means that they've noticed differences between themselves and the little brother they adore. Because one day we won't be in our...Read More