Celebrating the Life of Nicholas Love

Just over one year ago, on 6th May 2016, we gathered to celebrate the life of Nicholas Love. When you plan a wedding, you generally have months or even years to think about the perfect inclusions for that special day, and you’re giddy with excitement over all the little details....Read More

24/52 {seven}

Someone we know turned seven today. Despite driving us crazy on occasion, he is all kinds of wonderful and, especially on birthdays, I am reminded how grateful we are to have Sam in our lives. The big seventh birthday didn't quite go according to plan. Ben's 99 year old Grandmother passed away over the...Read More

Celebrating Two

Two years ago on this day, we welcomed another beautiful blonde bundle into our lives. After months of waiting and worrying about this pre-labelled baby, Nicholas arrived and fit seamlessly into our family. Never in a million years could I imagine just how much more joy and love and delight...Read More


Ten years ago, I married my love. The big Love who helped start this whole clan of little Loves. Ten years. Wowzers. Oh, and what a ride it’s been. A few bumps in the road here and there, but mostly good. I think we lead a pretty blessed life and...Read More

One Year, Survival and a Village

As Nicholas' first year rolled around on 20th March, the Love 5 spent the day at the beach in Torquay, Victoria, splashing in the water and building sandcastles, followed by celebratory ice-cream. I think it was that day Nicholas officially decided to become a surfie when he grows up, as...Read More

DS101: What I Have Learned

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of March. Oh, I had such good intentions, blog posts all planned. Alas, whilst it was a month not well documented, it was one well-lived ;) So far in March, we have celebrated the birthdays of two of our little Loves – Charlie...Read More