My Brother the Champion {guest post}

On numerous occasions, I have heard my friend Shalee proudly talking about her cousin, Aran, who is a world champion swimmer and also happens to have Down syndrome. I love celebrating all the amazing things young adults with Down syndrome are doing in the world, so I shamelessly asked Aran's family if...Read More

31/52 {noticing differences}

"Mum," Charlie started, "when Nicholas has his next birthday and turns four, he'll be talking like me." Statements like these always catch me a little off guard. Because it means that they've noticed differences between themselves and the little brother they adore. Because one day we won't be in our...Read More

17/52 {stretched}

In this parenthood gig, I think it's easy to fall into the 'not doing enough' mentality. I constantly feel as though there aren't enough hours in the day, that I haven't been as productive as I wanted to be, that there are always things left on the to-do lists. Some...Read More

16/52 {intentions}

Tomorrow the second school term commences and the big boys go back to school. And while I've enjoyed the break almost as much as the boys have, I have to admit that I am looking forward to having a little more breathing space to achieve a few things while they're...Read More

15/52 {loving}

Loving fresh basil on the windowsill, and my new cup from LTCO, a present to myself on leaving Byron Bay and reminder of a beautiful week away with my family. Loving finding selfies of my loves when I download photos off the memory card. Loving having so many wonderful women...Read More

14/52 {happy Easter}

About a year ago, after seeing all the write-ups about the Byron Bay Bluesfest, my beloved Ben told me that going to this music festival had been on his bucket list for a really long time. I responded with a vague, "great, let's go one day", visualising us rocking out in...Read More

13/52 {brotherly love}

The school term is winding to a close, and we've all been a bit worn out this past week. The man flu descended upon our home, which led to days of sniffles, abandoned plans and many cuddles with clingy boys. But sometimes it's nice when the Universe sends us an...Read More

46/52 {nearly home}

Ben arrives home tomorrow after being away for 10 days. As we cruise into the finish line, I am exhausted but I feel like we've done okay, the little Loves and I. Quick tally on some vital stats over the past week-or-so of single-parenting: Number of times Charlie has been...Read More

45/52 {flying solo}

Daddalove is away overseas for the next week, so I am practising my skills of focusing only on what's important and asking for help when required. I am thankful for the beautiful village around us, happy to step up and lend support when we need it. I know many parents often fly solo, and...Read More


nicholas: My poor little poppet, you really haven't been well the past few days and it's very rare to see you sick. In true Nicholas style, though, you will still give someone a smile or a wave, even if you're not feeling your best. You have been unsettled in your...Read More


charlie: You have a new-found love of swimming lessons, which makes me very happy as we no longer seem to have to fight each week to get you into the pool. You are so inspired, it turns out, that you even loving swimming in the bath at the moment, complete with goggles....Read More

42/52 {inspired}

As much as I love being at home with my children, escaping on occasion is also quite good for the soul. This week (with the help of a lovely friend and my mum to juggle my children), I was privileged to attend The Future of Leadership conference and came away...Read More


charlie: I wonder how many photographs over the 52 weeks we'll see you in your pyjamas. Getting dressed, especially over the weekend, is highly overrated (I wholeheartedly agree). I have been seeing so many glimpses of my Charlie bear turning into a big boy. You were a champion at swimming lessons...Read More


[caption id="attachment_3510" align="aligncenter" width="584"] Slightly blurry kissing shot courtesy of Sam. Proof that we were allowed on our new daybed, albeit briefly, before being pushed off by children.[/caption] Slightly terrifying seeing that number 40 in the title this week. Only 12 weeks left until the end of the year. We're...Read More