The Doctor’s Son: a view from the other side {guest post}

I actually remember the day I saw Kylie's photo appear on an online Down syndrome forum and recognised her as someone I went to school with. And got a little excited. While I did know other people who had children with Down syndrome, it was the first time I'd recognised someone from...Read More

A Study of Contrasts: Then & Now {guest post}

Being a parent of a child with Down syndrome is such a journey. I feel so blessed to have come in contact with so many wonderful people in my travels over the past four years, and I am honoured that one of those wonderful women, Etelka, could share part of her journey...Read More

The Other Side

Happy. Not to over dramatise things, but back in the ‘dark ages’ post Nicholas’ Down Syndrome diagnosis being confirmed, I did wonder whether I would ever feel truly happy again. Of course, I hoped that I would, that I would I would meet my baby and fall helplessly in love...Read More

The Beginning of His Story

Firstly, my apologies for the lengthy blogging holiday. I feel like I've been writing posts in my head, often as I'm breastfeeding Nicholas in the wee hours, but turns out having three children and having quality time to sit at a computer aren't always compatible. But hopefully now that I've...Read More

The Highly Anticipated Arrival

It seems amazing that this time one whole week ago I had a very strong suspicion that we were going to welcome our baby into the world, and in a few short hours he had arrived. There is so much to say, so many photos of our little blonde cherub...Read More

Ready as I'll ever be

Now that we've passed the 38 week mark, we're just playing the waiting game until our little one makes an appearance. There will always be jobs I haven't crossed off the list, things I haven't quite finished, but for the most part I'm ready. Ready as I'll ever be, anyway....Read More