The Grand Finale

Just over a month ago, I was entrusted with the most beautiful gifts - precious gems in the shape of stories from around the Down syndrome community. Thank you Leticia, Jocelyn, Belinda, Kylie, Joelle, Peggy, Elisa, Lucy, Karlea, Ben, Sharnie, Rebecca, Lisa, Kerry, Diane and Kat for entrusting me with...Read More

Tribute to Our Angel named Blake {guest post}

I feel as though this amazing woman needs no introduction... but, I will anyway. In the days after Sam was diagnosed with Leukaemia, Diane was sending me messages of support - in the midst of her own pain, in a matter of days before she would lose her only son,...Read More

Two and a half.

Oh, Nicholas, you have my heart. At just over two and a half, you continue to light up our world. We occasionally fight over you. I look forward to your cuddles in the morning, but your big brothers ask if they can go into your room at the first sound you...Read More

The Virtue of Stubborn {guest post}

It wasn't until our family and Lisa's family were both featured in the qweekend article called 'The Chosen Ones' that I realised we had a few mutual friends. Soon after, I read a fabulous article by Lisa in our local Down syndrome magazine and knew that I needed to meet...Read More

Ryan's Surprises {guest post}

Rebecca is one of those women I have long admired for the love, positivity and pragmatism that shines through in the face of challenges. As well as just being lovely, she is clever, warm and thoughtful, and someone I know I can turn to if I need some considered advice. Thank...Read More

Jahkai's Rainbow {wordless wednesday}

Today's {wordless wednesday} photographs have been shot by Karlea, beloved wife and (very busy) Mum to three girls and two boys, including Jahkai who has Trisomy 21. The gorgeous Kai and his family have faced a number of serious health challenges in his life so far, but they face each...Read More

Advocating for Your Child in Hospital {guest post}

I first met Peggy when we both attended the IAHP course in Melbourne in 2013, and was able to snuggle her very gorgeous (then) five month old baby girl.  Although in different circumstances, little did we know that we would both be facing a Leukaemia challenge in our future. It was...Read More

Apples and Oranges: comparing Leukaemia and Down syndrome

I was in a shopping centre months after Sam was diagnosed with Leukaemia and in the distance, I saw an elderly friend-of-a-friend approach me, shaking her head. As she came closer, she took my hands, said she’d heard the news of Sam’s illness and lamented our “rough couple of years.”...Read More

Why Bother With Awareness? {guest post}

As often happens these days, I first came across Leticia through social media. A mutual friend posted a link to one of her very first blog posts and I found myself reading her words and nodding, like she had somehow captured my thoughts, however far more eloquently. While we have different stories, there are...Read More

DS101: What I Have Learned

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of March. Oh, I had such good intentions, blog posts all planned. Alas, whilst it was a month not well documented, it was one well-lived ;) So far in March, we have celebrated the birthdays of two of our little Loves – Charlie...Read More


Almost one year ago, in October, we made the decision to undergo an amniocentesis to confirm whether or not the baby I was carrying had Down syndrome. In the week we received the diagnosis, there were festivities going on around the world celebrating Down syndrome awareness, and Nicholas ended up...Read More