Libby’s Story: our journey with Leukaemia {guest post}

To be honest, we haven't spent a great deal of time with other 'oncology families' but I remember Rochelle and I sharing those 'hey, I know what you're going through' smiles when we passed on treatment days at the Royal Children's Hospital. Then, one day, both Libby and Sam were the very lucky...Read More

Small things with great love in September

If you're anything like me, you really don't want to know anything about Childhood Cancer. You don't want to know that your child's sore knee is going to turn into a Cancer diagnosis, and you definitely don't want your child to become one of the three children per week who lose their...Read More

One Year On {our journey with Leukaemia}

[caption id="attachment_2248" align="aligncenter" width="584"] August 2013, less than one month before diagnosis[/caption] I’m not sure what I remember most about 9 September 2013, on the fateful day we received Sam’s Leukaemia diagnosis. Perhaps the voice of the doctor who first gave me the news over the phone, or how my...Read More

21 Days Ago

21 days ago, my heart shattered into a gazillion pieces. 21 days ago, we heard the words no parent wants to hear. “He has Leukaemia. I’m sorry.” Our five year old son has Leukaemia. Sam has Leukaemia. I wonder whether I’ll ever get used to those words. In so far...Read More