What Therapy Looks Like for Our Child with Down syndrome

One of the hardest things for me about having a child with special needs is probably the incessant buzzing of my brain, the questioning, the figuring out and wondering. All of the buzzing essentially has to do with the one big question: "Am I doing enough?" Am I doing enough...Read More

How My Child with Down syndrome has Ruined Me {guest post}

Ruth and I first connected over our blogs and chromosomally enhanced children, but it wasn't long before we met in person and I felt like she was a kindred spirit and we had many common interests. She is that awesome mix of spirited, lovely, fiery, thoughtful and fun, so I love...Read More

The Love Fam {almost wordless wednesday}

When my lovely friend Kathy agreed to take photographs of our whole tribe earlier in the year, when my parents, all seven siblings, partners and almost all of the grandchildren were in one place at the same time, it seemed a shame not to utilise her to also take some Love...Read More

The Doctor’s Son: a view from the other side {guest post}

I actually remember the day I saw Kylie's photo appear on an online Down syndrome forum and recognised her as someone I went to school with. And got a little excited. While I did know other people who had children with Down syndrome, it was the first time I'd recognised someone from...Read More

A Study of Contrasts: Then & Now {guest post}

Being a parent of a child with Down syndrome is such a journey. I feel so blessed to have come in contact with so many wonderful people in my travels over the past four years, and I am honoured that one of those wonderful women, Etelka, could share part of her journey...Read More

Breathing Space at the Beach {almost wordless wednesday}

My words below are from a Facebook post I wrote on 1 October, accompanied by the photos I took that day. Thank you for all the comments I received that day, the encouragement and the "me toos". We're all in this together. An extra special thank you to my beautiful sister-in-law...Read More

So Lucky

I walked into a shop with our week-old baby boy nestled into my shoulder. One of the shop assistants ran over and squealed with delight, “That is the most gorgeous baby I have ever seen in my life!” I smiled at her but, in my head, I wondered if she...Read More

Welcome to 31 for 21 {Down syndrome awareness month}

I found this beautiful quote on Pinterest recently. “Your bravery will allow others to walk in courage. Live good stories. Be a good story.” ~ Bianca Oltoff There have been many times I’ve wondered whether it’s time to throw in the towel on this blogging caper. Many a time I...Read More

The Grand Finale

Just over a month ago, I was entrusted with the most beautiful gifts - precious gems in the shape of stories from around the Down syndrome community. Thank you Leticia, Jocelyn, Belinda, Kylie, Joelle, Peggy, Elisa, Lucy, Karlea, Ben, Sharnie, Rebecca, Lisa, Kerry, Diane and Kat for entrusting me with...Read More

Tribute to Our Angel named Blake {guest post}

I feel as though this amazing woman needs no introduction... but, I will anyway. In the days after Sam was diagnosed with Leukaemia, Diane was sending me messages of support - in the midst of her own pain, in a matter of days before she would lose her only son,...Read More