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Mummalove 52-41-1When you’re ready to start thinking about health and development with regard to your child with Down syndrome
Everyone has different theories when it comes to their child with Down syndrome. We don’t try to ‘fix’ Nicholas, but we do want to help him become the best possible Nicholas he can be, and therefore we want him to be at optimum health so that he has the best opportunities to learn and develop.

This is a great blog post from an experienced Mum about the Top 15 things a new parent should know, which summarises all she has learned over 16 years. It’s a great list to of things to consider.

Other great resources for further learning:

Glenn Doman was a champion for helping children with brain injuries and we were lucky enough to attend two of the IAHP lectures in Melbourne. Some of the books he has written are a great place to start when learning about brain development.

Kristen Morrison, author, co-founder of the Grow Foundation, owner of Street Organics, and generally all-round amazing woman, has written a book about the beginning of her journey with her son, Gryffin, and their holistic approach to his health and development.

Andi Durkin has lovingly documented her research and experiences with son Jett over the past five years. Her blog is an amazing wealth of knowledge.

Naturopath Gabi Giacomin wrote a great series of posts on Health & Down syndrome on Mummalove in 2015. You can read the posts here:

Optimum Diet
Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Nutritional Intervention
Pathology Testing

There are many great resources and forums that enable like-minded parents to discuss a holistic approach to raising their children. Please let me know if you’d like to be added to any forums that I’m part of. If you have any specific questions I can help with, please email me.

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