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The Mummalove Podcast is all about finding joy, even when life feels hard. In the podcast, I have conversations with people about how they have navigated challenging moments in their lives and found a way to keep going and to thrive. If you'd like to understand the background to the podcast and some of our family story, you can check out Episode 0 where I set the scene. Below you'll find a list of current episodes you can listen to, as well as details on how to subscribe, how to leave a rating and review, and a space where you can send me a note to let me know what you'd like to hear in future episodes. Thanks for listening!

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Season Two

Episode 45: 10 Tips for Ditching Overwhelm
Episode 44: Aren’t You Over It Yet?
Episode 43: Having Faith in the Strength Within, with Danielle Rodgers
Episode 42: Speaking Up & Empowering Change, with Belinda Smith
Episode 41: Learning To Surrender, with Kara Ockendon
Episode 40: Lessons Through Five Years of Grief Milestones
Episode 39: When Did We Stop Having Fun?
Episode 38: Choosing the Stories that Serve Our Highest Good, with Lisa Corduff
Episode 37: Five Great Books to Add to Your Reading List
Episode 36: The Magic of Sacred Circles
Episode 35: Chasing Big Dreams with Averil Kenny
Episode 34: If We Were Catching Up for Coffee This Week
Episode 33: Positivity and Grit with Emmy O’Neill
Episode 32: 5 Tips for Navigating Choppy Parenting Phases
Episode 31: What’s the Progress You Care About? with Bec & Joe Winston
Episode 30: Welcome to Season 2, a Holiday Recap & Word of the Year

Season One

Episode 29: Reflections on 2020 and Honouring the Seasons
Episode 28: Conversations on Grief, with Rachel Noble
Episode 27: Talking About Grief in the Leadup to Christmas
Episode 26: Standing In Our Own Truth, with Tyler & Naomi Mitchell
Episode 25: A Little End-of-Year Pep Talk: 5 Tips for Going the Distance
Episode 24: Transforming Pain Into Purpose, with Jess Sermak
Episode 23: Dream Big, with Olivia Hargroder
Episode 22: How We Made a Big Decision Through Fear and Uncertainty
Episode 21: Advocating for a Better World for our Children with T21, with Joelle Wedd
Episode 20: Psychics, Mediums, Spiritual Signs & How They Relate to Grief
Episode 19: Finding Your Heart Amidst Your Healthcare, with Jessica Bean
Episode 18: What It Was Like to Go Through Leukaemia, with Sam Love


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