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In 2010, Jess Sermak navigated a very difficult time in her life, suffering from great grief, trauma, depression and anxiety. She was in a very dark place that made her question whether she had reason to live and just wanted a way out to stop the pain.

Jess felt she had lost everything, but she was a new Mum of a beautiful baby boy. There were times when Jess doubted her ability to be a good mother and, during this vulnerable time, she prayed and made this promise:

If I survive this chapter of my life, I will do whatever it takes to bring hope, love and support to other mothers who might be feeling these same feelings.

Jess manifested this promise in the form of a book that aims to help other people who are going through their own version of tough times. If you are struggling, in need of hope and looking for inspiration, this might be the ray of sunshine you're looking for. Know that you are not alone in your tough journey and that you can always find help in navigating these challenges.

Mothers Making A Difference

A Book About How Everyday Women Choose to Turn Their Pain Into Purpose

21 Inspiring Stories of Incredible Women

Mothers Making A Difference is a book of compiled stories from 21 amazing women who have faced enormous challenges in their life journeys.

Honest, Intimate, Compelling

These stories are told as first-hand accounts from mothers who have faced their challenges with immense bravery, strength, love and patience.

You Are Not Alone

As the promise that inspired this book, it is filled with stories that seek to bring hope, love and support to those going through challenging times. This book has been created to bring you comfort in realising that you are not battling alone and there are others who have also faced heartbreak and chosen to turn their pain into purpose.

I am honoured to have contributed a chapter to this book.

I am grateful to have been invited to write a chapter for the Mothers Making a Difference book. In sharing our family story, it is my hope that it will help others to find light and joy, even when life feels hard.


Let's celebrate motherhood together. The fun days and tough days included.

I invite you to join the brave women that made this book possible as we heal our insecurities, bring purpose back to our lives, re-ignite our dreams and empower our inner warriors --together.

Be inspired by the stories of 21 amazing mothers making a difference. Purchase your copy today.

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