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Will Grief Last Forever?

A little while back, I made an offhanded comment to my therapist about how my grief would last forever. Therapists have a way of taking one of those little remarks you make - in my head, just a small thread in a bigger conversation - and honing in on it....Read More

Feeling Connected in 2019

It's really easy to get to the end of a year and think, “Oh, that was a [tough/wonderful/terrible/insert word of choice] year.” We wrap it all up in a tight little bundle and slap a label on it with a word that’s supposed to sum up a whole 12 months,...Read More

Moving Forward in 2018

2017 felt like a pretty big year, in hindsight. It started with an epic 800km bike ride in Thailand, and time in Singapore with the boys, staying with my sister and her family. On the school front, Charlie started Year 1 and Sam went into Year 3. Sam had his...Read More

The Ocsober Experiment: giving up alcohol for a month

I should probably start this post with the disclaimer that I don’t consider myself a big drinker. I never really have been. A typical week for me would involve one or two glasses of wine and/or a G&T most Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. We don’t usually drink between Monday...Read More
The outstretched arm of love

Finding Slivers of Light in Grief

Every time I heard myself finding something 'good' that had come out of Nicholas passing away, I caught myself: how can something good possibly come out of this cavernous loss? But the truth is that, if we look hard enough, we can always find a sliver of light in the...Read More

Becoming a Miracle Mama {guest post}

I actually remember the very first time I read Natalie's blog when a friend shared this post, and then we connected online after both having done the IAHP course in Melbourne. I'm pretty sure we're kindred spirits. While I know motherhood has been challenging and ridiculously busy for her, Natalie seems to emanate...Read More

Eleven Things that Help Keep Our Marriage On Track

I was telling Ben that sometimes in our relationship I marvel at how great it is and can’t imagine it being any other way. We are happy and in love and communicating well and it’s blissful. And then we have times where it feels as though we’re on the brink...Read More

Dear 16 Year Old Me

[caption id="attachment_86029" align="alignleft" width="330"] Cutting the cake at my 16th birthday.[/caption] Dear 16 Year Old Me, You don’t always need to be sensible. Have fun, and make the most of the time in your life where you have few responsibilities. You are young and beautiful, even if you don’t feel...Read More

One Little Word for 2017

It wasn’t until about September last year that I remembered (actually, I had to look it up) what my one little word for 2016 was. Expand. It certainly wasn’t in the way that I envisaged (is it ever in the way we imagine?), but expand I did. I broke into a...Read More