Image of a Grief and love quote by Jamie Anderson

Will Grief Last Forever?

A little while back, I made an offhanded comment to my therapist about how my grief would last forever. Therapists have a way of taking one of those little remarks you make - in my head, just a small thread in a bigger conversation - and honing in on it....Read More
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Gifts for the Grieving

When someone dies, it’s natural to want to express our love and comfort to friends who are experiencing the loss. But what do you give to a family when they are grieving? Essentially, we want them to know we’re thinking of them and wish beyond all wishes that we could...Read More
The outstretched arm of love

Finding Slivers of Light in Grief

Every time I heard myself finding something 'good' that had come out of Nicholas passing away, I caught myself: how can something good possibly come out of this cavernous loss? But the truth is that, if we look hard enough, we can always find a sliver of light in the...Read More

Celebrating the Life of Nicholas Love

Just over one year ago, on 6th May 2016, we gathered to celebrate the life of Nicholas Love. When you plan a wedding, you generally have months or even years to think about the perfect inclusions for that special day, and you’re giddy with excitement over all the little details....Read More