Do you own a Thermomix? 

Yes, and I love it. I will happily gush about how it’s changed my life and how often I use it if given half a chance 😉

Can I submit a guest post to appear on Mummalove?

I love working with people who have awesome content to share with the Mummalove community. Most of the guest posts that appear on Mummalove are personally curated, so I have to be honest and say that I don’t often publish content from writers I’m not personally familiar with. But, I also never say never!

So if you’d like to submit a guest post, please send an email to hello@mumma-love.com. But just one major guideline before you send something… PLEASE make sure you have actually read at least a few Mummalove blog posts and know how your content would appeal to the Mummalove community. I am so much more likely to read your email if you have taken care to work out how your awesome content would be a good fit for our readers. I’m sorry that I’m not able to respond to every email.

If you need some help, this article by Tiffany Han has some great advice on writing a pitch.

Do you write sponsored posts?

I’m open to writing sponsored posts if your product is a great fit for the Mummalove community. Please email me at hello@mumma-love.com to start a conversation about your concept and I’d love to chat about it.

How do I contact the Loves?

If you want to get in touch, you are very welcome to contact me via email or fill out the contact form below…

You can also send a direct message through our page on Facebook and Instagram.

Our postal address is PO Box 172, Wilston Qld 4051.

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