September 6, 2022


Episode 76: Evolution in Progress {the final episode}

Episode 76 Evolution in Progress

Welcome to episode number 76 AND the final episode of the Mummalove Podcast! 

If that took you by surprise, do not fear, we are not disappearing - after 76 episodes over two and a bit years, we are simply evolving. Pretty soon we will be re-emerging under the new name of ‘The Light Seeker’s Lounge’ and I very much hope you will continue into the next phase of this podcasting adventure with me.

In today’s episode, I wanted to give you a bit of insight into the decisions, the journey, the highs and lows behind rebranding both my coaching business and the podcast. I share some of the lessons I have learned along the way and ask you some questions, in case you are being called into an evolution in your own life or business.

Also mentioned in this episode:

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