September 28, 2021


Episode 53: Sharing Stories of Hope, with Heather Morris

Ep 53 Heather Morris

As 'The Tattoist of Auschwitz' is amongst my favourite ever books, I was delighted to be invited to chat with Heather Morris on the Mummalove podcast.

In this episode, we talked about Heather's rather unexpected journey to meeting Lale Sokolov and writing her first novel, 'The Tattooist of Auschwitz', which has now sold more than 6 million copies worldwide and continues to inspire hope in so many, including me. 

We also discussed:

  • Heather's family's reaction to her fame, and how life has changed since writing her first novel
  • Meeting the man who inspired her novel 'The Tattooist of Auschwitz' and how she managed her energy during the time she spent with Lale, whilst also juggling work and family life.
  • The story behind her latest book, which goes on sale this week, called 'Three Sisters' 
  • What Heather's writing routine looks like these days
  • Favourite places Heather has travelled to and where she'd like to when the world opens up again

You can get Heather's books at all good book sellers - below are some handy links to Booktopia for you:

Three Sisters
Stories of Hope
Cilka's Journey
The Tattooist of Auschwitz 

You can also find out more about Heather over on her website at www.heathermorrisauthor.com or on Facebook

Also mentioned in this episode:

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