September 14, 2021


Episode 51: Being Open To The Mysteries of Life, with Karen Lang

Karen Lang is an inspiring counsellor, energy healer, intuitive coach, mother of three and published author whose passion is helping others to break away from self-limitations and reveal their full potential. She has also had a significant on my own grief journey.

In this episode, we talk about the lessons Karen has learned through the death of her 9 year old son Nathan in 2001 and journey of her awakening following the family's tragic loss. We discussed: 

  • experiencing grief individually and as a married couple
  • the birth of her youngest daughter and how bringing a new baby into the family after Nathan's death impacted them and their grief
  • the role writing has played in Karen's grief
  • the spiritual practises that have supported Karen through grief, and that she still does today
  • Karen beautifully inspires others, including me, who are experiencing grief in our lives to embrace the uncertainties. She speaks on grief at seminars and runs grief workshops.

    To know more about Karen Lang, you can check out her blog Living in this Moment and her two books Courage and Moving Moments on her website www.karenlangauthor.com. You can also find her on Instagram @k_langcounselling and @movingmoments.

    Also mentioned in this episode:

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