August 24, 2021


Episode 48: Small Moments Are Enough, with Fleur Chambers

Cover image of the Mummalove podcast Episode 48 with Fleur Chambers

Knowing how much difference mindfulness and meditation have made in my own life, I really wanted to invite Fleur Chambers on the podcast to share her wisdom and insights. But more than just discussing the benefits of meditation, our conversation delved into the powerfully simple and practical ways we can bring more mindful moments into our lives - and the ripple effect on our families and the world.

In this episode, we chatted about:

  • What led Fleur to a mindfulness practice as a mother of three young boys, and how mindfulness has helped in their family life
  • Sharing her work on Insight Timer, then later developing her own Happy Habit app (you can try her 30 day happiness challenge, which is currently free)
  • Meditation through grief, being curious and getting to choose what that practice looks and feels like
  • Not trying to convince people into meditating, the different ways we can be present in our lives, and meeting people where they're at on the personal growth journey
  • The connection between self-care and feeling worthy, and being in touch with the whispers our bodies give us about what we need (before we break)
  • Fleur's current practice of deepening into a mantra over each month, and the words that inspire her.
  • The research behind being able to see the gifts in pain reducing physical and emotional pain.
  • And mixtapes, because we're both children of the 80s era 😉 

Fleur is the gentle voice, creative mind and curious heart behind the Happy Habit app and online courses in meditation and mindfulness. Her offerings have been downloaded 1.3 million times in 35 countries.

Fleur's meditations allow you to see that inner happiness is possible, regardless of the mistakes and regrets of the past, and the concerns for the future. Not smiling all the time happiness. Happiness in the form of inner strength. 

Fleur believes in using meditation as a tool for social change and collective hope. Proceeds from The Happy Habit go towards supporting micro projects in some of the poorest countries in the world. 

Fleur is happiest when she is on the beach with her husband, three boys and dog Lucky.

You can find Fleur on Instagram at @thehappyhabitwithfleurchambers.

Also mentioned in this episode:

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