June 15, 2021


Episode 44: Aren’t You Over It Yet?

In this episode, I would like to ask the bold question:

How long do you think it's appropriate to grieve the loss of a child?

I've been approached by multiple people about how to help a friend/sister/whoever who seems 'stuck' in their grief. I wasn't sure quite how to answer this, so consulted some beautiful mums I know for their insights.

Spoiler alert! The answer might not be the one you expected and wanted to hear but let's start a brave, open discussion around this topic. Let me know about your thoughts after listening to the whole episode.

Also mentioned in this episode:

An excerpt from "Why We Will Never Get Over It" by Angela Miller of abedformyheart.com

Nora McInerny's TED Talk about 'Why we don't "move on" from grief, we move forward with it'

Still Standing magazine: 7 Ways to Love a Grieving Friend

Bearing the Unbearable
Once More We Saw Stars 

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