April 28, 2021


Episode 40: Lessons Through Five Years of Grief Milestones

Ep 40: Lessons Through Five Years of Grief Milestones

This weekend, on 2nd May, marks five years since our youngest son, Nicholas, died. 

After five years of navigating grief, I wanted to share the three main lessons I've learned about acknowledging milestones and anniversaries.

In this episode, I share:

  • How we've acknowledged anniversaries over the past five years
  • How my grief has changed over the years
  • How emotion around anniversaries can be unpredictable
  • That it's okay for the milestone to look different each time
  • That grief is such an individual journey and those around us won't necessarily experience or acknowledge a milestone in the same way we do
  • We need to ask for what we need.

Also mentioned in this episode:

The story of Nicholas' death can be found at Episode 3

Discussion with Lisa Corduff about grief in Episode 38.

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