April 6, 2021


Episode 37: Five Great Books to Add to Your Reading List

Ep37 Mummalove Podcast Five Great Books

We're now up to Episode 37?! Time flies by when you're spending it with good company, hey?

It's school holidays in this neck of the woods, so in this episode I thought I'd share with you my current favourite fiction books to read.

As a pretty prolific reader, I could give you a loooong list of books that I enjoy reading but I'd rather give you my current top picks. If you've read them, I'd love to know if you loved them too!

*Please note the below are affiliate links, so I will be paid a small fee by Amazon or Booktopia if you use my links to buy one of these books.

1. The Dry

You may be familiar with the movie version of this novel but I absolutely loved the book. It's the first Jane Harper book that I read and my favourite out of the ones I binged on. I love how Jane Harper beautifully paints the Australian landscape in it, as well as kept me guessing as the mystery unfolded.

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2. Honeybee 

Another excellent Australian novel. It's a daring novel that touches on the lives of two people forever changed by encounter, one of whom is the main character Sam. Whilst described as "heartbreaking", this novel delivers is also beautiful and life-affirming. One of my absolute favourite books this year. 

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3. American Dirt

This is one of those books that drew me in from the very first paragraph and I just couldn't put it down until the very end! Although there is a lot of a controversy surrounding this book, it's a very compelling story and kept me on the edge of my seat (and ignoring my family for a weekend!).

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4. The Good Sister

If you follow Sally Hepworth on Instagram, you'll find that she's rather entertaining. This 'family drama' is centred around twin sisters, Fern and Rose, their secrets and their bond. I found it an easy read, perfect for the holidays.

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5. The Secret Life of Bees

I loved Sue's book, 'The Book of Longings', so was happy to read another of her novels. I loved the depiction of sisterhood that Sue brought to life in this book, set in South Carolina in 1964. 

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Also mentioned in this episode:

You can have a listen of Averil and I talking about this beautiful novel from Episode 35. You can also buy Those Hamilton Sisters from Booktopia or Amazon.

I often consult Beth at BabyMac or Sam at The Annoyed Thyroid on Instagram to check out what they've been reading lately.

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