March 24, 2021


Episode 35: Chasing Big Dreams with Averil Kenny

Ep 35 Averil Kenny

I'm so delighted to introduce you to my friend, coaching client and newly published author, Averil Kenny. In this episode, we chat about her new book 'Those Hamilton Sisters' and the journey to having it traditionally published, which was a long-held dream of Averil's.

Averil lives in the lush, enchanted tropics of Far North Queensland with her husband and four beautiful children. 

Averil's love of literature, and our magnificent Australian landscape and wildlife, is captured in her storytelling and she writes women’s fiction with an evocative flair, featuring strong, spirited heroines. Averil is represented by Selwa Anthony and her latest book has been published by Echo Publishing.

When not dreaming up stories, Averil reads voraciously – curled in her favourite yellow wingback chair, sipping tea, in her library overlooking the rainforest. She loves hunting through op-shops for vintage typewriters, and rare or hard-to-find novels. Her best writing ideas come to her while running alongside the verdant creek.

You can find out more about Averil on Instagram @averilkennyauthor where she shares her vibrant vignettes of tropical life. You can also contact her via Facebook or her website at www.averilkenny.com.

You can pre-order or buy her new book Those Hamilton Sisters from BooktopiaAmazon and Riverbend Books.

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