March 24, 2021


Episode 34: If We Were Catching Up for Coffee This Week

Episode 34: If We Were Catching Up for Coffee This Week

This is a very casual conversation, so feel free to prepare a cup of coffee, a soothing tea or something stronger (no judgement here) as I share with you what I would be telling you if we were catching up for coffee this week.  

This episode could also be called "The Highs and Lows of Birthday Week" or "Grief is Not Linear" or any number of things, but it's pretty real and raw and you may need tissues. Sorry, probably should have done a tissue alert in the intro. 

It wasn't a very well planned episode and I thought of a few more things I could have mentioned, but the main one was that I really appreciated all the love and messages on Nicholas' birthday on the weekend - so thank you for the love. It means the world to us - more than you know.

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