March 3, 2021


Episode 32: 5 Tips for Navigating Choppy Parenting Phases

Mummalove podcast Choppy Phases of Parenting

Aah, parenting - it's a ride, isn't it? Wouldn't it be great if each of our kids came with his/her own manual?

I'm going through a bit of an "uncomfortable patch" of parenting right now, so in this episode we'll be talking about the lessons I've learned over the past few weeks and the five things I try to remember when navigating choppy phases.

While this is related to a phase of parenting, I think it could also be applied for any rocky patches in life.

Mentioned in this episode:

Maggie Dent 'Parental As Anything' podcast
From Boys to Men book
Webinar series

Dan Siegel - Brainstorm book
Dan Siegel - Video presentation on the Power of the Teenage Brain

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