October 13, 2020


Episode 21: Advocating for a Better World for our Children with T21, with Joelle Wedd

Mummalove podcast Episode 21 Joelle Wedd Down syndrome advocacy

October is Down syndrome Awareness Month, so I wanted to invite one of my treasured friends from the Down syndrome community, Joelle Wedd, to the podcast. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • what it was like to receive a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis for Joelle's third baby;
  • how Joelle's life was changed by the arrival of Josee Hope;
  • becoming an 'instant advocate' as a parent, creating a better world for our children, and what advocacy looks like;
  • how Joelle has renamed October 'Down syndrome Acceptance Month' and what it means to Joelle to recognise this month;
  • how we can do better in Australia at supporting parents who receive a Down syndrome diagnosis;
  • and how Joelle has created a safe space for pregnant women who receive a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis and the power of connection.

Joelle Wedd is a mum to three children, and her youngest child Josee lives with a diagnosis of Down syndrome. Joelle has a passion for connecting pregnant Mums facing a potential or confirmed diagnosis of Down syndrome. 321 Pregnancy Care is Joelle’s other ‘baby’ and an important resource in the prenatal sector. During the day Joelle is a teacher and currently Head of Inclusive Learning in an independent school. Joelle and her kids live near the beach in Hervey Bay and enjoy all that the warm coastal living offers.

Mentioned in this episode:

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321 Pregnancy Care Facebook page

The Instant Advocate Facebook post

Down Syndrome Australia association

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