September 1, 2020


Episode 17: Creating Quick Wins in Your Life (Tale of a Laundry Tub)

Mummalove episode 17 Creating Quick Wins

My beloved 10 year old son spends far more time whinging, complaining and generally resisting cleaning his teeth than he does actually cleaning his teeth. I’m sure this is not an unusual story when it comes to kids. But I was thinking about how often as adults we do a similar thing. Maybe not about cleaning our teeth, but can you think of something that you put off doing because it feels too hard?

In this episode, I want to tell you the story of our laundry tub and how we managed to pretty easily and cheaply fix a situation that I'd been putting off for a good 11 years, and share some strategies to creating some quick wins in your life.

Where can you clear some headspace by getting the job done, rather than continuing to think about it and let it annoy you forever? How can you let it be easy?

Mentioned in this episode:

Queenslander style house

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