August 11, 2020


Episode 16: A Sister Conversation About Our Mum, with Rebecca Winston

Mummalove Podcast Episode 16 REbecca Winston

This week, my beautiful Mum, Marie, would have been turning 80 - on 14 August. Following an original diagnosis and treatment for oesophageal cancer, Mum died in January 2019, six short weeks after discovering she had secondary liver cancer. Whilst those final weeks together were incredibly hard, it was also a really beautiful time for our family being with Mum at the end of her human journey. 

For this episode, I invited my baby sister Rebecca Winston to the podcast to chat about that sacred time in our family. The conversation is both hilarious and teary, and (just a heads up) brevity is not our strong point. 

We talk about Mum's diagnosis, the similarities between birth and death, the role Nicholas played as we farewelled Mum, looking for spiritual signs after Mum had passed on, and everything in between. We hope that this conversation may help someone else's journey a little easier if they're facing the impending death of a loved one.

Mentioned in this episode:

Five Maries video on Facebook
Karuna Hospice Services
Elizabeth Gilbert's podcast on The Moth discussing Rayya's death
The Light Between Us book by Laura Lynn Jackson

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