July 28, 2020


Episode 14: Learning to Lean In, with Eileen Robertson Hamra

Eileen Robertson Hamra Episode 14 Mummalove Podcast

Eileen could have never imagined how her life would change in the course of one wintery night. Authorities confirmed that the plane her husband was piloting on his way home to celebrate Christmas with the family had crashed, and he had not survived. With three young children and an entire lifetime ahead of her, Eileen’s journey through the valleys of grief and the peaks of hope brought her to a place that is nothing short of miraculous. Author, speaker, yogi, and philanthropist, Eileen Robertson Hamra, shares her experiences in her first book, Time to Fly. 

“When people tell me I am brave – when I actually believed in love again, for example – I said, “Thank you, but not really. Because what’s the alternative?”

- Eileen Robertson Hamra, Time To Fly

In this episode, Eileen and I talk about the loss of her husband and her sister, how her 'buffet-style' spirituality has helped with her grief, sister trips to Ireland, finding love again and welcoming their miracle baby at the age of 46. We also talk about the process of writing and publishing her book, 'Time To Fly'. It was so lovely to chat with Eileen and, although we have very different stories and live on opposite sides of the world, I was amazed by how much we're also connected.

You can purchase Eileen's book in many places, including Amazon, Booktopia, Fishpond.

You can find out more about Eileen on her website, or connect with her on
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