June 30, 2020


Episode 11: Do More of What Makes You Happy, with Pauline Roche

Pauline Roche episode 11 Mummalove podcast

After the death of her brother in 2013, Pauline Roche worked out that the best way to navigate grief for her (because grief is different for each individual) was finding her way back to music and doing more of what made her happy. In this episode, we talk about how she rediscovered music through joining a very special choir, using family connection to help work her way through grief, and establishing a business with her sister creating beautiful retreat experiences.

Pauline is an experience designer, singer, mum to Jack and Tom and wife to Carl. In 2015, Pauline started Me Time Experiences with her sister Sharon. Together they organise small group retreats and events in Australia and internationally (well until Covid hit!) full of joy, fun and laughter that bring people together around a shared passion. Their specialities are singing, writing, walking and food. Pauline’s other great love is singing. She performs regularly with funky Brisbane choir Cheep Trill Choir and does the occasional solo gig. 

You can find Pauline on Instagram, Facebook or via the Me Time Experiences website.

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