June 2, 2020


Episode 7: Everything Will Be Okay, with Mim Jenkinson

Mim Jenkinson, mother of two small children, is a digital content creator and the author of “Less Wine, More Time”. Her mission is to help overwhelmed women create empowering habits that lead to a life they love. When she isn’t writing or juggling her energetic kids, Mim spends her time watching reruns of Outlander, reading books and listening to podcasts. Find out more about Mim at her blog, Love from Mim.

In this episode, we talk about Mim's journey with breast cancer, her coping mechanisms through difficult times, and everything she learned about herself after deciding to give up alcohol.

Mentioned in this podcast episode:
Allen Carr's Easyway
Allen Carr's book 'How to Stop Drinking for Women'
Mim's Book: Less Wine, More Time


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