October 20, 2016


Inspiration for a Creative Life {guest post}

I first learned of Alexis when her reputation for making the most magnificent cakes and creating amazing artwork preceded her. We have since been lucky enough to receive two beautiful pieces of art that Alexis has created, (one you’ll see below of a certain superhero) which prompted me to find out more about the story behind this beautiful creative spirit and mother. I’m so glad Alexis could share the inspiration for her creative journey with us. 

Inspiration. It is all around us. Defined as a force that makes someone want to create or achieve something, inspiration can be found in a place, a person or perhaps an experience. It comes in many forms and can translate into different meanings for different people. I believe our inspiration changes as we navigate our lives, it feeds our soul and fills our heart. On occasion, if you are lucky, inspiration will come along and change the course of your life forever.

My inspiration came crashing into my life about eight years ago.


I became a mother to one little boy who has kept both my heart and my hands very full indeed…but we will get to that.

I have always had a love for art and creativity in general. Drawing inspiration from colourful storybooks, my overgrown magical garden and my beautiful family, I was always busy creating something. From an early age, my favourite thing to do was take my Dad to the art supply shop, hand in hand…with his wallet of course! He was my biggest fan when it came to my art. I still have the very first pencils he bought me. A perfect timber box inlayed with gold lettering that sits pride of place in my studio today.

An inspiration in itself.

As I grew up my art remained a hobby that I enjoyed but rarely made time for. Inspiration for creativity didn’t seem to come anymore so other things filled my life. I travelled, I worked, I met new people and created memories I will never forget. Life went on.

On 30th June 2008, our son Jordan came into the world. It was not the happy day we all expected the birth of our first child to be and unfortunately we will never have that day back. It was filled with shock, devastation and denial. At birth, our son was diagnosed with Down syndrome. We were so young and, for that reason alone, it was so unexpected. Surely it couldn’t happen to us. We lived in a bubble for the next few months.


Jordan’s first surgery, open heart, was at 11 weeks of age. He made it through with flying colours, but those days in hospital felt like a lifetime. We focused on the day to day. Looking back, this chapter of our lives seems like a blur – just doing what we could to keep moving forward but struggling to find the inspiration to do so. I felt alone in our bubble. I would have done anything to take that extra chromosome away. I resented that chromosome and I was sure my life was ruined… how wrong I was.

A few short weeks, after leaving hospital, something unimaginable happened. My beautiful boy laughed for the very first time and I had this feeling that I hadn’t felt for years. Inspiration. I felt overwhelmingly inspired to live my best life and be the best mother I could possible be to this amazingly perfect child.


The first few years of Jordan’s life kept me very busy with appointments and therapy so, with the support of my incredible husband, I decided to give up my career in Real Estate. I loved my job and felt I lost a part of myself with this decision but I have not looked back, as nothing in my life has ever been more rewarding than being a mother.


Over the last eight years Jordan has become a big brother twice! Our girls complete our family and my children collectively have given me the inspiration to once again pick up a pencil and create. It feels amazing to pursue something I am so passionate about and something that gives me balance, sanity and enjoyment. I need that escape in my life!

img_4554 img_7537

img_4625Making a career from my art was something I never thought I would be lucky enough to achieve, but I found the inspiration to make it happen, or rather the inspiration found me.

Art to me is emotion on paper. I love to create what I feel in a way that evokes emotion in others and creates a connection between us. While I always loved the idea of throwing paint on a canvas, it turns out I’m no Jackson Pollock. I’m better when I have more control, so I love to draw. The rhythm and reliability of a pen has no equal. Watercolour is quite new to me but I have quickly discovered a joy that comes from experiencing the colours fly around the paper to create different textures, layers and patterns. Using these as collage alongside my ink drawings has become the style I am known for. While my black and white pieces of art are an ever growing collection, my original, one of a kind artworks is where my passion lies. To be able to create an original piece for someone that has faith in my ability, creativity and style gives me so much joy.


I am so incredibly lucky to have such a supportive family that give me the time to pursue my dreams while still raising three amazing children. Thankfully, I have my wonderful mum in my life and close enough to keep an eye on the wild one year old two days a week. This time is so precious so I dedicate it to commissions. It’s not easy to find the minutes to lock myself away in my studio, and more often than not you will find a toddler chewing on the off-cuts at my feet, but I wouldn’t have it any other way – my inspiration always around me and sanity (mostly) intact.

feathersInk On The Wall
is a collection of my work, both prints and originals. What started as a pleasant way to pass time has grown into a way for me to share inspiration with others. My passion lies in creating original artworks for people to love and I am always available for commission work. My ultimate goal is to work on a series of artworks and one day have my creations hanging in a gallery to be enjoyed by all. A long shot perhaps, but as they say, “a goal without a plan is just a dream”.

Open your eyes and your heart. To be inspired is to live.

Alexis is a mostly perfect mum of three beautiful children, and wife to one pretty awesome husband. Life on the stunning far north coast of New South Wales keeps them happy and when Alexis is not busy with the three little treasures, you will likely find her busy in her studio creating beautiful artwork, making magnificent cakes or hiding under a rock with a bottle of vino… or two. You can admire and purchase her amazing artwork at Ink on the Wall, or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

I am so grateful for your thoughts and comments, so please reply below.

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