October 12, 2016


No Love Like Ours

img_3222I know the fear and darkness associated with receiving a difficult diagnosis for our child.

I also know the infinite love that has come with knowing our child.

Does that infinite love mean we never worry about our children? Does it mean we never ever think about the diagnosis again because we are so in love with our children? Does it mean our lives are easy? The answer is no to all of those questions.

But the love matters. It changes things. It gives perspective to the difficult news, or the diagnosis that challenges us to our very core. The child we love isn’t a list of possible medical complications and an inconvenience to make our life more difficult. The love means that we would do anything for our child. Anything at all. Our child’s life matters, regardless of the diagnosis.

If you have received a challenging diagnosis and you’re worried about what life with Down syndrome (or any other diagnosis you have received) will look like, forget about the diagnosis, even just for a moment. Just have faith in the love. It will find you. Of this I am certain.

And when it does, you will realise that in all this world, there is no love like the love you have for your child.


Photo credit: Kathy Corcoran, Lily-Kate Photography


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