Four Years in Photographs

This is the photo montage video that was played during Nicholas’ funeral service on 6 May. You may recognise the first song from the video I made when we celebrated his second birthday. A very big thank you to our beautiful friend Roxanne for putting together the second song, and for the special guests at the end of the video with their tribute for our beautiful boy. I’m not entirely sure who managed to organise it, but it was a pretty amazing moment to hear a church full of friends and family singing along to ‘Rockabye Your Bear’. Given Nicholas was the most extensively photographed child on the planet, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve just chosen a small selection to share with you 😉

In just four years, Nicholas really did teach us of “hearts and dreams and all the most important things”.

5 thoughts on “Four Years in Photographs

  1. Thank you Annie for sharing this beautiful video and that beautiful Eulogy. Angel Nicholas and your whole family have raised awareness that there is an abundance of beauty in having a disability; he helped the public to accept anyone with a disability and the importance of recording a life like Nicholas with photographs and videos. Thank goodness he was the “most extensively photographed child on the planet”! Sending love and prayers to the family for your healing journey. xx

  2. My heart is broken for you. I have a sweet son with Down syndrome, age 10, and I can identify with so many things you said about what a gift your beautiful son was to you. My husband and I lived in Queensland YEARS ago, before any of our children were born, so I also have that connection with your story. Sending you light and love from the US.

  3. Watching your beautiful boy tonight with tears streaming dear Annie ❤️praying you will all feel Strong Arms holding you in every moment of grief and in every tear you cry. Much love always xox

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