March 3, 2016


Stuffing Fear in my Pocket and Saying Yes to Adventure


An email landed in my inbox.

It was an invitation to a small breakfast hosted by Kellogg’s in Sydney, with flights and accommodation covered if I wanted to attend.

My initial response was, “Who, me? Really? But what can I bring to the table? What if I don’t have anything to say? What if they find out that I’m a complete fraud?” I was terrified.

But I decided to take a deep breath, stuff all that fear deep into one of my pockets and be one of those people who says “yes” when opportunities arise. I decided I’d show up just as me.

And, you know what? Showing up as me was okay. As it turned out, the team at Kellogg’s just wanted to have conversations with some humans. And human, in all my imperfection, I can do.

After leaving a very warm Brisbane, I arrived into Sydney a little before 9pm to rain and flashing skies and, as I waited for a taxi, I heard an announcement that they had ceased flying in and out of the airport due to the electrical storm. Phew, just in the nick of time. As my cab neared the city, the light rain turned in to heavy rain and the car started being bombarded by hail stones. I breathed a sigh of relief when we finally, and safely, pulled up beside the theatrically inspired QT Hotel and I could check into my very funky hotel room.

To a mother of small children, I’m pretty sure heaven looks like a beautifully decked out hotel room with a deep bath, free movies and a king size bed that I don’t have to share 😉

The Kellogg’s breakfast was held the following morning at the light and airy Mecca Cafe in Alexandria and I arrived (with my newly-formed-in-the-lobby-bloggy-friend from Where’s My Glow) to an array of fresh coconut and beautiful juices, fresh flowers and delicious food prepared by the team at Mecca.


Over the course of the morning, I was able to have conversations with the Head of Innovation, the Head of Nutrition, the Product Development Manager, Senior Brand Manager and National PR Manager at Kellogg’s – some of the real people behind the big corporate brand, who are actually really passionate about what they do. We sampled a few of the new products Kellogg’s have recently launched, but my fave was the Breakfast Toppers – think small packets of muesli, with ingredients such as fennel and coriander seeds, puffed quinoa, almonds and pepitas, perfect for mixing through yoghurt and fresh fruit. We had fun making our own breakfast parfaits and having a little food styling session after breakkie.

In the Love household, we really do try to stick with whole foods and avoid packaged products, so I must admit I arrived at the Kellogg’s breakfast feeling really skeptical about cereals. Although I was raised on Special K for brekkie as a kid, we aren’t much of a cereal family, especially given Ben and Nicholas avoid gluten. We tend to have anything from avocado toast, to eggs, smoothies, and maybe pancakes and bacon on weekends (with, inevitably, everyone wanting different things), and Sam will occasionally have GF muesli or Weetbix (or Nutrigrain, as a holiday treat). At the end of the day, though, I would much prefer them to go out into the day with something in their bellies, and cereal is often a quick and convenient option. And I live in the real world, not a perfect one, so my ideal dietary guidelines don’t  always go to plan.


It’s hard to know what to believe with the various diets, fads and trends we hear about and obviously I want to fill my children’s bodies with the best possible nutrition. While I still wouldn’t rush out to buy my children the more sugary cereals and I’ll continue to be a conscientious label reader, I came away from breakfast feeling like Kellogg’s is listening to what Australians are looking for, and trying to make changes accordingly. I was interested to hear about their future product plans and as well as some of the science behind their product decisions. Since returning home, I have noticed a few more gluten free options appearing on the shelves, and I know they have rejigged some of their well known products to reduce sodium and sugar content. I also loved hearing about their social justice endeavours to supply breakfast for kids in need, given that 1 in 7 children apparently start the day without eating anything. As an added bonus, I also had a lovely breakfast and met some lovely bloggers.

Less than 24 hours from when I first left for Sydney, I was back on home soil, in balmy Brisbane, ready to cuddle four boys and work out what the heck we were going to have for dinner. Back to reality.

I don’t want to pretend like I’m used to companies flying me places and letting me stay in swish hotels. Because I’m not. But I’m really glad I swallowed the fear and said yes.

What does your family have for breakfast? Are you a cereal eater?

*Photography supplied by Kellogg’s. Kellogg’s generously covered flights, accommodation and breakfast for my trip to Sydney. However, I was under no obligation from the company to write a blog post following the event. All opinions stated are my own.

I am so grateful for your thoughts and comments, so please reply below.

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