December 15, 2015


50/52 {easing into holidays}

Every time the boys started squabbling with each other or drove us a little too crazy on the first weekend of school holidays, Ben and I would look at each other cross-eyed and say “eight weeks..!” (And, then, I’m pretty sure Ben would high-five himself on the fact that he gets to go to work for most of the school holidays 😉

But we know that our boys are very ready for a break and do need downtime after a busy final term. They are adjusting to being on holidays just as much as we are adjusting to having them home. Aside from the occasional ‘moment’, it was quite lovely hanging out with them and enjoying a slower pace. And, generally, the ‘moments’ came when we had to leave the house for one appointment or another – they were quite happy just being at home! That is definitely my aim for these school holidays – just to enjoy spending some unscheduled time together, going with the flow and ensuring we all get a bit of downtime before the new school year begins.

We’ve already discovered a few gems in our past week – including a spontaneous play at New Farm Park after an osteo appointment, a sushi dinner date with Daddy, collecting and decorating our Christmas tree (complete with new star), and catching a train home from the hospital instead of driving.

As often happens with me this time of year, the Nikon gets left behind and iPhone has to pick up the slack. Here are a few favourite snapshots from the phone over the past week.

We were going to visit Santa, but instead we decided to cover ourselves with blue pen so perhaps we’ll wait until we’re more photogenic. (I didn’t really think that one through before I handed over the blue pen!)
Hanging out with the spunkiest Spider-man I know. I think BatGirl has a crush on him.
He climbed and walked across the wobbly bridges like a boss. Such a big boy now.
Sam takes on the climbing frame at New Farm Park.
Such a beautiful afternoon for a spontaneous play at New Farm Park.
Charlie had had such a fun afternoon playing with a bunch of girls the previous week at New Farm Park, so he was a bit disappointed that they weren’t there when we went back. He asked me to take two photos of him and send one to the girls to say that he was there again 😉
So much joy in one little face. Anticipating the moment when I'll let go of the swing.
So much joy in one little face. Anticipating the moment when I’ll let go of the swing.
The first week of school holidays included a scheduled chemo treatment day, but at least we got to chat with Santa at the Starlight Foundation Christmas party and enjoy a train ride home together.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
We called Daddy and asked him to meet us for a spontaneous early sushi dinner. At the end, we swapped cars so I could go to netball and Ben said “I’ve left a present for you on the front seat.” At first I wondered how he could fit a bike in the front seat of his car 😉 But I was pleasantly surprised with a beautiful bunch of flowers.


And, finally, the definite highlight of my week – hearing my littlest Love tell me he loves me, and accidentally capturing it on camera. I’m pretty sure I’ve watched it at least a thousand times 😉

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of my youngest boys every week in 2015.


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