October 21, 2015


Flashback to 17 months {almost wordless wednesday}

I remember the afternoon I took these photos of you, at 17 months old. We had a rare opportunity to wander to the park without those two big brothers and you relished in the undivided attention of your mumma. I watched you sit confidently at the top of the slide, King of the world, but I panicked a little as I edged away to take the photos, wondering when you’d start to slide and how quickly I could run to catch you at the bottom. I needn’t have worried. As per usual, you are infinitely capable.

Now as I retrieve these images from our hard drive over two years later, your beautiful eyes and joyful smile still light up my world. Each day I wonder if it’s possible to love you anymore than I do and, as sure as the sun rises, the love grows. With each day, I am more blown away by your awesomeness and I thank my lucky stars I am allowed to be your mum.

Love you, Nicholas Love x

Mummalove 18mos-1Mummalove 18mos-2Mummalove 18mos-3Mummalove 18mos-4Mummalove 18mos-6Mummalove 18mos-9Mummalove 18mos-7Mummalove 18mos-8Mummalove 18mos-5Mummalove 18mos-10


I am so grateful for your thoughts and comments, so please reply below.

  1. Hey Annie. Thank you so much for sharing every day of october. Thanks for taking the time, making the effort and being so open! Love yhe photos (as usual) and the love filled note to Nicholas❤️✨

    1. Thank YOU for being here and for taking the time to leave a comment. Always lovely to know someone’s reading! Glad you’re enjoying the stories xx

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