October 14, 2015


The Love Fam {almost wordless wednesday}

When my lovely friend Kathy agreed to take photographs of our whole tribe earlier in the year, when my parents, all seven siblings, partners and almost all of the grandchildren were in one place at the same time, it seemed a shame not to utilise her to also take some Love family photos. While obviously I love capturing my children on camera (a lot), it’s not often that all five of us are in the photographs, so it was wonderful to capture this brief moment in time with our boys at 7, 5 and 3. Kathy even managed to capture the rainbow behind us – magic! You can find Kathy over at Lily-Kate Photography and on Facebook.

Mummalove Lily-Kate-1 Mummalove Lily-Kate-5 Mummalove Lily-Kate-6 Mummalove Lily-Kate-9 Mummalove Lily-Kate-10 Mummalove Lily-Kate-11 Mummalove Lily-Kate-12 Mummalove Lily-Kate-13 Mummalove Lily-Kate-14 Mummalove Lily-Kate-16 Mummalove Lily-Kate-17 Mummalove Lily-Kate-20 Mummalove Lily-Kate-21 Mummalove Lily-Kate-22 Mummalove Lily-Kate-2 Mummalove Lily-Kate-3


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