September 13, 2015


37/52 {family fun day}

Just realised I completely missed out week 37 of the 52 Project. Whoops. Probably because I was too busy discussing our encounter with celebrities 😉 I’m even going to try something tricky and see if I can backdate this post so that it slots into the right place. Wish me luck!


nicholas: You had such a great time at the Arnott’s Family Fun Day, and were surprisingly patient for the bits where you were strapped in the pram. You are such a social butterfly and had no hesitations when you saw the Justice Crew boys, saying a big “hi” as you walked through the door. The boys thought you were gorgeous and one of them asked if he could take you home 😉 It was a big day, but you wouldn’t succumb to a nap – you love being part of all the action.

DSC_9611 charlie: We really wanted to make you feel included in the big Justice Crew event, so rather than saying Sam would be meeting the band, we talked about how “Sam and Charlie” (and the whole family) would be meeting the boys. You were keen… until we walked through the doors and decided it would be far safer behind Grandma and Grandpa. Some days you are so full of bravado, but you are definitely an introvert at heart. I loved dancing with you to all the JC songs at the concert and you loved watching the boys do all their amazing dance moves. 

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of my youngest boys every week in 2015.



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