September 6, 2015


36/52 {celebrating the fathers)

DAD_framedToday, in Australia, we are celebrating the Dads.

I am lucky enough to know many of exceptional fathers, including my beloved husband and wonderful Dad, two generous and caring fathers-in-law, not to mention my brothers and brothers-in-law. My three boys are lucky to have such wonderful role models and we are truly thankful for their presence in our lives.

Sam was whispering in my ear from about 6am this morning, wanting to know when he could bring in his presents to Daddy. The boys enjoyed delivering the gifts they had carefully selected from their school Father’s Day stall, as well as their specially drawn portraits. I loved Sam’s card asking “wat can we do for you.” I’m thinking Ben’s dream-come-true would be for them just to go to bed when they’re asked every night!

We enjoyed hosting a family gathering for brunch in our backyard this morning, and Ben got to test out his long-awaited new Weber BabyQ barbecue. So instead of being served breakfast in bed on Father’s Day, Ben was busily barbecuing and catering for 20 people (a ‘small’ gathering in our family, as half of them were away) but I’m pretty sure he secretly loved it 😉

How did you celebrate Father’s Day in your house? Hope all the daddies you know had a special day x

Mummalove-52-36-8 Mummalove-52-36-6 Mummalove-52-36-7

Mummalove-52-36-10Mummalove-52-36-1Nicholas: You have just worked out how to open your bedroom door. On one hand, I’m impressed with your hand strength and ingenuity, because it is actually a difficult handle to open. On the other hand, the boy who is so easy to get to sleep has just thrown a challenge our way. You definitely have a fear of missing out and love being the life of the party.

Mummalove-52-36-2Charlie: You and Nicholas love to play in the car together when we arrive home from school in the afternoons. We pull into the driveway, the back glass window is opened up and the seats folded down, and the car becomes a rocketship or a transformer or some other creation of your imaginations. You play so beautifully together (most of the time) and I love watching you involve Nicholas in all your plans.

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of my youngest boys every week in 2015.


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