August 31, 2015


35/52 {important cousin business}


The past few weeks have rendered me a bit frazzled. Between book week and sports days, lingering illness, excursions, a fleeting trip to Sydney, general to-ing and fro-ing and never feeling like I ever get anything ticked off the to-do list, it’s been a little mad around here. But I don’t want to glorify the busy. Crazy busy doesn’t sit well with me and I’m trying to shift and adjust things around here so there’s more quiet time ahead.

Over the weekend, we had two (out of the possible 18) cousins come for a sleepover. While extra children in the house may mean a little more chaos at times, I’m pretty sure having the girls over actually made my life easier as all the kids entertained each other. Nicholas was in cousin heaven having two of his favourite girls doting on him.

And there’s nothing like five children jumping on trampolines, making puppet shows, creating paper samurai hats for porcelain dolls, sewing a new pair of trousers for a stuffed toy, emptying the dressup box a thousand times and general mischief to make you stop and realise what’s really important. Often messy, but so important.

Mummalove-52-35-6 Mummalove-52-35-7Mummalove-52-35-5 Mummalove-52-35-11

Mummalove-52-35-1Nicholas: Such intense concentration as you try to master just how those scissors work. I know you’ll get it in time – you always do with your motivation. I have been delighting in your delight lately – it’s so nice to arrive at kindy or daycare, or even home, to the sounds of your “yay” as you’re excited about what we’re going to do next, who you’re going to see and what fun is to be had. Your level of enthusiasm and energy always inspires me.

Mummalove-52-35-13Charlie: My middle love, you have had such a busy time lately with activities at school. You must be exhausted by all those new skills you’re mastering, but you seem to have boundless energy. I am getting better at noticing when my introvert is a bit “peopled out” and in need of some time alone so you can restore that cheeky glint in your eye.

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of my youngest boys every week in 2015.


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