August 10, 2015


32/52 {winter bugs}


There were a few bugs around these parts last week.

Daddy and Charlie succumbed to the man flu, but thankfully the rest of us were largely unscathed. It was unusual to see this little bundle of energy under the weather. While he does love to stay in his pyjamas whenever possible, Charlie rarely takes himself off to bed so we know something is up when we find him curled up, asleep. But after a few days of mildly high temperatures and a copious amounts of snot, he was back to his usual self. Knowing how many winter bugs are floating around at school at the moment, I am thankful we appear to have got off lightly (touch wood), and am sending recovery vibes out to anyone currently battling illnesses. At the first sign of germs, we tend to increase the level of vitamins, and use essential oils topically as well as have the diffuser running. Do you have any good methods for keeping the bugs away?

Speaking of bugs, we have recently moved the blog across to a slightly different web platform, which should mean more changes on the back end than anything you can see. However, you might notice a few different things here and there, such as the way emails appear if you receive the blogposts straight into your inbox. If there’s anything not working as you think it should, don’t hesitate to drop me a line and let me know. It’s a steep learning curve as I navigate my way around!

When the winter bugs are about, this little ray of sunshine still manages to light up our days.

Mummalove-52-32-2Mummalove-52-32-3 Mummalove-52-32-1

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of my youngest boys every week in 2015.



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